CHILDERS IS STILL UNMATED. ~ Centropolis Station Agent Hasn't Heard From Any Baltic Girls.

October 12, 1907

Centropolis Station Agent Hasn't
Heard From Any Baltic Girls.

"One thousand of them! Just think, ten hundred beautiful young women to choose a wife from!"

W. R. Childers, station agent at Centropolis, who recently wrote to a friend in New York to have the best appearing and most amiable of the 1,000 marriageable young women who arrived from Ireland on the steamship Baltic picked out for him, made this exclamation yesterday. Childers says his friend, although a bachelor, is a connoisseur of feminine charms, and he has no fears of the result.

But in spite of his enthusiasm, Childers does not try to conceal that the fact he has not yet heard from his friend in regard to his bride-to-be looks a bit ominous. But surely, he says, there must have been at least one pretty, amiable, and also manageable, you Irish lassie among a cargo of 1,000.

Another cargo of Irish girls of about the same number is expected to land in New York within a day or so, and Childers believes that as soon as his friend has seen the young women from the "ould sod" in the coming ship, and has compared them with those who landed, he will be ready to communicate some interesting news. Choice of 2,004 Irish lassies would be even better, if possible, than choice of 1,002.

Every mail is carefully watched by Station Agent Childers for a letter from his New York friend John Alden, although he says that it really will not be time for a communication on the subject for a day or so at best. But in spite of this fact Childers carefully watches for every mail sack which is left at Centropolis, and obligingly helps the postmaster to sort out its contents. And every time he hears his call on the telegraph instrument in the station he jumps to answer even quicker than his duty demands, for it would be a relief to get a bit of news over the wire -- even if it were only the girl's name.