SAYS MEXICO IS FRIENDLY. ~ Governor of One of Republic's States Is in Kansas City.

October 13, 1907

Governor of One of Republic's States
Is in Kansas City.

General Francisco Canedo, governor of the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, is in the city, stopping at the Baltimore hotel. He arrived on Friday and expects to remain until tomorrow. Yesterday he was the guest of honor at a luncheon given by A. E. Stilwell. There were about a dozen local people present to honor the occasion of the visit of Governor Canedo and his secretary, Senor Juan Maldinado. Governor Canedo had been in the City of Mexico to be present at the national banquet given in honor of Secretary of State Elihu Root. He is taking the "long way 'round" to go his capital, by coming as far north as Kansas City. Yesterday morning was spent meeting with friends of Dr. J. Haff and A. E. Stilwell and in the afternoon there was a ride over the boulevard system. Today's programme is to be left to the suggestion of the moment.

Governor Canedo speaks no English. Dr. J. Haff acted as his interpreter yesterday. Mr. Haff said the government was immensely pleased with his visit, his observations of the American people, notably with the visit of the United States secretary of state.

"Great things are expected of Mr. Root's visit," said Mr. Haff, who, though a resident of Kansas City, is spending most of his time in Old Mexico now. "There has been a barrier between the republics. The advent of American capital made those people down there fear absorption. Mr. Root's disinterestedness reassured the Mexicans. They made much of him. Their White House was turned over to him because of his high office and the high sentiment he went to Mexico to express. The stables of the president and the service of the palace were put under his command. Every honor and distinction that could be accorded the president was accorded Mr. Root, and all for the purpose of emphasizing the fact that Mexico welcomes a friendly alliance with the United States.

Speaking of the progress of the bond of friendship and of commerce between the United States and Mexico, Dr. Haff said that English is being taught in the Mexican schools now.

"They are taking giant strides towards meeting us on common grounds," he said. "Not long ago a member of the judicial department was put at the head of the newly created department of education and Belle Lettres. The first act of this newly made minister was to have English taught in the Mexican schools. Whereas Americans formerly were looked upon with distrust, now they are welcomed. Kansas City is the best known of all American cities in the new Western mining district. St. Louis has the call in the south. This is because St. Louis has always had the advantage of a direct railway connection. The operation of the Stilwell line will put Kansas City on even terms with St. Louis and this center will be able to go after the trade of Mexico as it ought."