November 25, 1907

Gambling Paraphernalia Captured in
Eighteenth Street Raid.

In a raid upon an alleged gambling house over a saloon at 1412 East Eighteenth street, Police Sergeant Smith and Patrolmen Dyson, Dyer, Dorset and Couch captured four frequenters and paraphernalia. They raid was made early Sunday morning and, in addition to the customary appointments of a poker room, a goodly store of intoxicating liquors was also seized and confiscated.

When the police entered the room they found evidence that a prosperous poker game had just been in progress. William Rowlins said to be the game keeper, and four men found in the room were placed under arrest. A poker table, twelve bottles of beer,a quart of whisky, poker chips and playing cards which were found in the room were taken to headquarters police station. Rowling gave bond in the sum of $51. The others were released on small personal bonds.