November 9, 1907

In Jail for Safe Keeping, S. A Helin
Died in the Night.

When the turnkey at the Walnut street police station went to the cell room early this morning to arouse the prisoners one man did not respond. An examination proved that he was dead.

The man is supposed to hae been S. A. Helin. A letter in his coat pocket bore that name. It was addressed to 441 Twelfth street, Toledo, O., and evidently was written by a daughter, who is an actress with the Imperial Stock company, playing in Northern Illinois. The letter indicated that the man was an old soldier and was going to the Soldiers' home in Leavenworth for medical treatment. A patrolman found Helin wandering on Main street and took him to the station for safe keeping.

The coroner will hold an autopsy to-night to determine the cause of death.