DID "FRAT" MEN HANG HIM? ~ Frank Miller's Father Denies That His Son Was a Suicide.

December 25, 1907

Frank Miller's Father Denies That
His Son Was a Suicide.

Did Frank miller, the young Pennsylvania university student who was found hanging ead in his room at the university last Wednesday, commit suicide or was he the victim of a prank played by "frat" men in his initiation into the Psi Omega fraternity? His father, the Reverand J. H. Miller, 2930 Main street, does not believe his son committed suicide, but he will offer no theory as to how he came to his death.

There are two reasons which tend to disprove the theory of suicide. According to the Rev. Miller, his son was not of a morose or nervous temperament as stated in the dispatches from Philadelphia, but was of a cheerful disposition and well liked by his fellow students. The note alleged to have been found in young Miller's room in which he is said to have stated his intention to take hsi life, has not been forwarded to the father, although other letters and personal effects belonging to the young man have been received.

"I cannot believe that he has taken his life until I see that note in my own boy's handwriting," said the grief-stricken father yestrday. "It's a mystery to us all. We only know that he lost his life, but we do not believe he lost it at his own hands. How he came to his death, we are not able to say."

Young Miller was a candidate for membership in the Zeta chapter of the Psi Omega fraternity and the Friday before his death he was initiated into the society. At the initiation ceremony he was roughly handled and one of his toes broken. Whether any further pranks were played on him by the "frat" men is not known. The father stated yesterday that he would write the coroner for a full account of the tragedy.