ENFORCING RIGHTEOUSNESS. ~ So Grand Jury hasn't Time for Mere Matters of Law.

December 15, 1907

So Grand Jury Hasn't Time for Mere
Matters of Law.

Mayor H. M. Beardsley and City License Inspector W. H. Harrison came to the grand jury room in the criminal court building yeaterday afternoon with photographs of the interiors of local negro drinking clubs, showing men lined up before the bars drinking, and with names and street numbers to back up the photographs, and asked that the jury take some action. It was about the time for the jury to report to Judge W. H. Wallace on Sunday theater sinners, and the jury adjourned immediately after reporting. Three or four of the jurors and County Prosecutor I. B. Kimbrell remained to look at the pictures and take with the mayor and city inspector.

Frank McCrary, humane officer, who wanted to tell the jury about the sale of liquor to girls in two resorts on Walnut street, didn't get a chance to say anything.