IS SHE TO MARRY A COUNT? ~ Romance in the Coming Wedding of Miss Helen Ogden.

December 24, 1907

Romance in the Coming Wedding of
Miss Helen Ogden.

Neighbors and friends of Miss Helen Ogden, daughter of George Ogden, 3042 Vine street, are all full of excitement and curiosity caused by the rumor of her approaching marriage. There is thought to be a great deal of romance woven about this weding. Who and what the groom might be is a complete mystery to them, and Miss Ogden and her parents are doing their best to preserve this air of mystery by being exceedingly reticent concerning the intended husband.

Yesterday Miss Ogden and her sweetheart, Antonio Valladarius, went to the court house and procured a marriage license. He gave his address as Topeka, Kas. The marriage license recorder was asked to keep the application away from public eyes, and to give out no information concerning it whatever.

Notwithstanding this request it leaked out, and with it the information that Valladarius was not from Topeka, but had come from Lima, Peru. Both Miss Ogden and her father admint that he is a native Peruvian and that he has never lived in this country. Where the couple met is not known. Miss Ogden has never been to South America.

It is said by Miss Ogden's neighbors that Valladarius is a count of the old Peruvian nobility. While in this city he has led people to believe that he is amply fixed so far as finances are concerned. He is a large, handsome man and, from his speech, the neighbors say, one would readily see that he is a foreigner.

Miss Ogden said that her sweetheart was a graduate of one of the best universities in the United States, and though she would not tell which university she meant, a Yale pennant was conspicuously hung on the wall in her home.

When Miss Ogden was asked when the wedding would take place she replied, "I do not know; probably not for two weeks and it may be Saturday. We have not yet fixed the date, but I promise you that we will not run away from Kansas City to marry."

"Why did you get the marriage license yesterday if you do not intend intend to be married within a day or two?" asked the reporter.

"Well," she replied nervously, "you see there are so many things which have to be thought of at the last minute that we got the license yesterday so that we would be sure to have it when we were ready to use it and I never dreamed that anyone would find out about it."

Valladarius could not be found last night. He had not registered at any hotel in the city.