DEATH COMES TO H. J. GROVES. ~ Physicians Say Blood Poisoning Probably Was the Cause.

December 3, 1907

Physicians Say Blood Poisoning Probably
Was the Cause -- Groves Was Shot
in the Right Hip a Week Ago by
R. C. Horne, Editorial Writer.

H. J. Groves, who was shot by General R. C. Horne, an editorial writer, in the office of the Kansas City Post, a week ago Saturday, died at 7:45 o'clock yesterday morning in the German hospital. Dr. B. L. Sulzbacher, the attending physician, said that death was due to blood poisoning, supposedly from particles of clothing carried into the wound by the bullet. The bullet entered the right hip and had been recovered at the time of death.

A report was circulated to-day that other causes were responsible for the death, but this was denied by Dr. Sulzbacher.


Mr. Groves had shown signs of improvement daily since the shooting, according to reports from the hospital. The first symptoms of blood poisoning, the doctor said, were noticed Sunday afternoon, when the wounded man began to fail rapidly. He rallied about 10 o'clock Sunday night, but the revival was brief. After that he continued to sink.

O. D. Woodward, who was shot and severely wounded by Horne at the same time was sufficiently recovered yesterday to be removed from the University hospital to his home.

Mr. Groves was born near Lexington, Mo., 36 years ago. In 1893 he married Mary Oldham, daughter of the president of the Christian college at Columbia. He left a widow and six brothers, two of whom, Frank S. and John G. Groves, live in this city.


Isaac B. Kimbrell, prosecuting attorney, instructed the county marshal this morning to arrest General Horne and hold him without bond. Herman Weisflog, chief deputy marshal, telephoned to the sheriff in Marshall, Mo., to arrest General Horne. Soon afterward General Horne telephoned to the deputy marshal telling him that he would return to Kansas City on the earliest train, arriving on the Chicago and Alton "flyer" at 5:15 o'clock this afternoon. The deputy marshal will meet him at the train and take him to the county jail. The prosecuting attorney said that an information charging murder in the first degree will be filed in the criminal court.