BUFFETED BY TWO STATES. ~ Real Hard Luck Story That Made Police Judge Relent.

January 10, 1908

Real Hard Luck Story That Made
Police Judge Relent.

For a real hard luck story Tim Higgins, who said that was not his name, took the prize in police court yesterday. Here's the story:

"Yer honor, I'll admit that I was drinkin'. I was down on the 'wet' block next to State Line, where every door's a saloon but a couple. I live just around the corner on James street in Kansas, but come across the line for me drink. The Missouri officer got me first and, not wantin' to appear in court fro a drunk, he takes me to the line, gives me a wallop wit his club and sends me over. Once over th' line I loses me way and butts into a Kansas copper. I guess he didn't want to appear in court, either, for he hustles me to th' line again and, with a side swipe, sends me clean over into Missouri.

"By that time was complete turned around, and who should I meet but the big bull who thrown me into Kansas. 'What are ye doin' here?' says he, and he makes a center rush for me, and I'm in Kansas again. Thinkin' I'd be wise and still get home, I made a detour fer a side street. I was makin' good time in the dark street when someone says, 'Halt, ye there!" I did, an' by the saints it was a bluecoat. Witout as much as askin' me where I was goin' he puts me back into Missouri.

"I don't know how many times I was juggled from one state to another, but I know it made me head swim. Finally, early this mornin' the big Missouri copper finds me walkin' east, I guess -- I'd just been transferred to this state again, I know. He gets sore, sends for the wagon and here I am. I belong in Kansas and am anxious to get there."

"I think you've had yours, all right," said Judge Kyle, "back to Kansas."