CHAUFFER'S DINNER TO A JAG. ~ Profitable Mistake for One Mr. Nichols in Police Holdover.

January 31, 1908

Profitable Mistake for One Mr. Nichols
in Police Holdover.

T. Edward Lickiss, former chauffeur for Dr. J. D. Griffith, 201 East Armour boulevard, was yesterday released from the workhouse and turned over to his brother, G. A. Lickiss, of Percy, Ill., who arrived here in the morning. The young chauffeur was fined $500 in police court Tuesday on a charge of exceeding the speed limit, and given a stay on all but $50.

An amusing incident happened while Lickiss was being held in the holdover. A young woman went down and asked permission to send him a "swell meal, as I know he's hungry." She was given permission and ordered the following from a restaurant in the city market:

Porterhouse steak with mushrooms.
German fried potatoes.
Apple pie.

Not bad for a prisoner in the holdover who would have gotten a "plain chuck with the juice knocked out," a hunk of bread and a tin of inky coffee.

But Lickiss must have been born under an unlucky star. Soujourning in the holdover with him was a man named Nichols. No Nichols was a "safe keeper." He had been on a rip roaring time and had reached the stage where he could have eaten a stewed boot heel or a boiled mink muff. When the woman said to the jailer the food was "for Mr. Lickiss," he understood the woman to say "for Mr. Nichols"

The swell spread arrived promptly and the jailer ushered the big platter into the cell of Nichols, the jag.

"A lady sent this to you," said the jailer. "Didn't leave her name."

"Thanks, awfully, old chap," replied Nichols after he had rubbed his eyes and pinched himself a few times "Didn't know I had a friend on earth"

Nichols then fell to. Lickiss and the others, who had dined on "jail grub" looked on and envied the fortunate man. They all wished that they, too, had a ministering angel as Nichols had -- and Lickiss had a lurking suspicion that he did have. She had been down to see him and had said she would send him a "swell meal" but it had not arrived.

Later in the day it was discovered that Lickiss was "out a meal" and Nichols was "in a meal," but it was too late to remedy it then. Nichols was fast asleep, a calm, satisfied smile playing over his placid features.