DOG CALLED CENTRAL; POLICEMAN RESPONDED. ~ Joyful Bowwows When Officer Entered the Home.

January 22, 1908

Joyful Bowwows When Officer
Entered the Home.

Nakomis is a dog, he is a beautiful Scotch Collie with almost human intelligence, consequently he gets very lonesome when left by himself. He lives at 1721 McGee street with Robert Stoll and his wife. When it happens that both Stoll and his wife are away from home, a little girl who lives next door keeps Nakomis company in her home.

Yesterday morning Mrs. Stoll left her home to go shopping. Forgetting that the dog was in the house, she locked the doors and went on her way. Soon Nakomis had a strong desire for caresses and scampered about the house to find his mistress. No one answered to his pleading barks and no human was in the house. The feeling of lonesomeness began to grow upon him.

Now, as has been said, Nakomis is a dog of almost human intelligence. He had been taught to bark through the telephone to his master at his place of business. Thought he had been taught to talk through the instrument, no one had shown him how to take the receiver off the hook. This did not long disturb him, however, and he soon knocked the receiver down with his paws, barking all the while.

"Number, please. What number," called the gentle voice of the operator over the wire. "Hello-hello."

But no answer came back to her, save the barking of a dog. Believing that something was wrong in the house, the operator called up the Walnut street police station and told the officers that there was trouble of some kind at 1721 McGee street, it was murder from the way it sounded. Officer Robert Dunlop was detailed to see what the matter was at that address. When he neared the house he, too, heard the loud barking on the inside.

Drawing his revolver he forced his way into the house and was greeted with joyful barks and playful leaps from Nakomis. He had someone to play with at last. The officer went to the phone and found the instrument lying upon the floor.