ORGANIZE "GINGER CLUB." ~ Merchants on Twelfth Street Have Novel Advertising Scheme.

January 15, 1908

Merchants on Twelfth Street Have
Novel Advertising Scheme.

Merchants in the "300" block between Oak and McGee streets on Twelfth street, have a unique advertising scheme. They have organized what they call the Ginger Club, with a ginger snap for an emblem. Its significance is: snappy merchants with plenty of ginger in them.

At a meeting yesterday $500 was raised in order to boost their block. It is their purpose to erect a large electric sign at both entrances, bearing the number "300" in figures seven or eight feet high. Five arc lights will be secured and hung along the block on both sides of the street.

The merchants will employ a man, whom they will dress in a white suit and cap, to keep the street between Oak and McGee streets clean. This man will be kept at work every day of the week except Sunday.

Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock beginning a week from Saturday, the members of the club will have 2,000 coupons distributed among people on the streets. One of these coupons will be worth $10 in trade, and two will be worth $5.

The officers of the Ginger Club are: E. J. Richards, chairman, Charles I. Lorber, secretary, and I. V. Hucke, treasurer. The club will hold weekly meetings.