HORSES PERISH IN A FIRE. ~ Royal Brewing Company's Station Burns -- Loss $10,000.

March 21, 1908

Royal Brewing Company's Station
Burns -- Loss $10,000.

Fire, which was seen to burst out from every window in the front part of the Royal Brewing Company's warehouse, 1012 Grand avenue, and which spread to the coal and feed store of A. Maas & Son, 1910 Grand avenue, at 12:30 o'clock last night, destroyed property estimated at the value of $10,000. Five horses were burned in the Royal Brewing Company's stables.

It is thought that the fire was of incendiary origin, as the whole front of the building seemed to flash into sudden flame. Passers-by who were the first to see the blaze said that the fire started as if it were an explosion, but that they felt no shock nor did they hear any noise. They said that the fire started and burned as if the walls of the building had been saturated with gasoline or coal oil.

When the fire department arrived at the burning building the blaze had spread widely and the feed store directly on the north had caught. The contents of the brewery, such as whisky and alcohol, made excellent fuel of the fire, and it was difficult to extinguish the blaze.

In the Maas & Son building the burning hay and feed made it hard for the firemen to get at the blaze on account of the dense smoke. All of the horses which were kept in this building were rescued.

The Royal Brewing Company has its headquarters in Weston, Mo., and the building which was destroyed last night was its distributing station in Kansas City. Dancinger Brois. owned the brewing company.

The Royal Brewing Company's building was a one-story brick, and the coal and feed store, which adjoined, was built of frame and was only one story in height. Both buildings were gutted.