INDICTS FRAKER FIVE TIMES. ~ Grand Jury Holds Him for Abuse of Two Boys.

March 14, 1908

Grand Jury Holds Him for Abuse of
Two Boys.

Upon the statements of Halbert Hopper and Harry Elleman, boys, Dr. George W. Fraker was indicted on five counts by the criminal court grand jury yesterday afternoon. Dr. Fraker was arrested Thursday afternoon by Detective J. M. Orford upon complaint of the boys, who told of his unusual abuse. The minimum penalty for conviction upon one count of this offense is ten years in the penitentiary.

Dr. Fraker remained in the county jail last night in default of bond. To inquiries by a reporter for The Journal, he said:

"The Hopper boy has a grudge against me. He is a very bad boy -- both he and his brother Bert -- and I can show where both have criminal records. Halbert is an incorrigible and was very hard to manage. He was sent to me from the Children's Home Finding Society of St. Louis over two years ago.

"I have in my possession now a statement signed by Hopper in which he accuses a doctor at the institution from which he came, with the very same crimes. Oh, he is a very bad boy When I could not manage him I sent him back to Dr. Stahman, who had sent him to me, and Dr. Stahman put him in the House of Refuge, from which he and his two companions recently escaped. He always believed that I had him placed in the latter place and for that reason felt very bitter towards me."

"Then how do you explain that Harry Elleman, who has lived with you almost two years, makes similar charges?" the doctor was asked. "Has he got a grudge against you?"

"Not in the least," was his prompt reply. "Harry is a good boy and was scared by the police into what he said. There is a whole lot back of this thing that has not yet come out."