SEEKS HUSBAND FOR "MAMMA" ~ Girl of 12 Writes to the Kansas Farmers, Who Have Left Town.

March 31, 1908

Girl of 12 Writes to the Kansas
Farmers, Who Have Left Town.

If the fat and lean farmers from "away out" in Kansas had shown up at the matron's room yesterday they might have been entertained again. There were no marriagable women to look them over, but there were numerous telephone calls and many letters.

It having been stated in yesterday's papers that the 250-pound, good-natured man with the thin hair had picked his wife Sunday afternoon at the matron's reception, most of the calls yesterday were for the lean one with six children.

"I'll take him," said one of the many women over the 'phone', "and be glad to get him, too. I am 35 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall and weigh 183 pounds. I have only one handicap -- a glass eye, but I can see good out of the other one and have two good hands to work. My name is Hannah. By the way, if I get him, he can keep chewing tobacco. I wouldn't mind a little thing like that if I got a home."

"Hanna" gave her address. She said she was in "dead earnest" and would either "call for, send for, or come and get the lean one."

A little girl of 12 wrote to ask for a husband for her mother. She said: "My mamma has been a widow for five years. She is 46 years old and a good honest woman. I know she would like to have a good home, for she seems so lonesome, and I would not be much trouble. I will soon be able to look out for myself. I want to get a good husband for mamma and not let her know that I did it." The little maid tells where she may be found.

Among the letters was one from a man who wants the matron's assistance in securing a wife. "I am a lonely man of 27," he writes, "of good moral character, with no bad habits and do not drink or use tobacco. At present I am working as a janitor at ----- and get fairly good wages. The woman I marry must not be over 26 and a good, honest girl with dark hair and eyes. Such a girl I could love with all my might. I have a $300 piano and a $60 talking machine and everything to make a home bright and cheerful as possible.

The two farmers never showed up at all yesterday, and it is believed that they made tracks for home.