WILD WEST SHOWS IN ENGLAND. ~ Colonel Cummins Says Britishers Never Tire of Them.

March 23, 1908

Colonel Cummins Says Britishers
Never Tire of Them.

Colonel Frederick Cummins, otherwise known as Chief La-Ko-Ta of the Sioux tribe of Indians, was a guest at the Baltimore hotel yesterday. Colonel Cummins is an Indian only by adoption. Chief Red Cloud of the Sioux having conferred that title upon him in 1891, but he knows s much, or perhaps more, about the Indians of this country than any other man living. He is now at the head of a Wild West show and is here recruiting, the show for a season's tour of Europe, opening in Liverpool sometime in May.

"The English especially are interested in anything that comes out of the great Wild West," Colonel Cummins said at the hotel last night. "Other men have made fortunes in this business in Europe and fortunes are yet to be made there in the same business. A Wild West show will draw larger crowds in the cities and towns of England than any other attraction imaginable. These shows are a novelty and the public never gets tired of seeing them."

Colonel Cummins is making an extensive tour of the country for the purpose of securing material in recruiting his show. While in Oklahoma recently he bought all of the famous Pawnee Bill's horses and all of Colonel Zack Mulhall's horses except Governor, Lucile's pet. He left here last night for the Indian reservations in South Dakota where he will obtain eighty Indians for his show. The United States government requires a bond of $500 for every Indian taken off the reservation. This bond is required to insure the return of the Indian to the reservation in excellent physical and moral condition.

"The Indian is not hard to manage," Colonel Cummins said. "I know their every trait of character and as long as they are well fed and clothed we never have any trouble with them. In all my experience with the Indians I have never had trouble with one of them"

By reason of his long life among them, Colonel Cummins is known to most of the Indian tribes of the country. He has had an Indian show of some kind at nearly every national ind international exposition since 1890.