YOUNG WOMAN STABBED. ~ Miss Helen Wright the Victim of a Mysterious Night Attack.

March 3, 1908

Miss Helen Wright the Victim of a
Mysterious Night Attack.

As Miss Helen Wright stepped onto the back porch of the home of Dr. Ralph Shiras, 1404 East Tenth street, part of which she occupies with her mother, Mrs. C. J. Wright, about 11 o'clock last night to let a dog out, she was suddenly seized by the throat by a man who choked her, threw her against the wall and to the ground. She called for help, and as she did so the man drew a knife, stabbed her in the neck and fled.

Miss Wright managed to rise to her feet and stagger into the house, where she met her mother at the door.

"I've been stabbed," she cried, and sank into her mother's arms. She was laid on the sofa and Dr. Shiras, who is a physician at the county hospital and a police ambulance surgeon at the emergency hospital, was called to attend her. A neighbor heard the cries for help of Miss Wright, and saw her assailant running down the alley toward Lydia avenue. He pursued, but was unable to overtake him, although he got a fairly good description of him. According to his description, and that of Miss Wright, the would-be assassin was tall, wore a long black overcoat, a stiff black hat, and had dark hair. Neither was able to get a look at his face, and neither know whether he was white or black.

City detectives were summoned and were at work on the case before midnight. There is one clue which is plausible, in their belief, and the only one which casts any light on the affair. This is that Miss Wright might have been taken for another woman.

Miss Wright's wound is not serious. The blade of her assailant's knife partly severed a small artery in her neck, but the promptness with which her wound was dressed prevented much loss of blood.