BOLEY WINS CIGAR CONTEST. ~ Makes Ten of Them in Eleven Minutes at Century.

April 18, 1908

Makes Ten of Them in Eleven Min-
utes at Century.

The cigar making contest at the Century theater last night was of unusual interest to onlookers. Few of them had ever seen cigars made. John Boley won the first prize of $10. He rolled ten cigars in eleven minutes. Boley is 17 years old and has been employed by cigar firms only one year. The second prize was won by Jacob Kern. His time was 12 1/2 minutes.

The contest was under the supervision of the cigar makers' union, of which every contestant was a member. The judges were John T. Smith, business agent of the Industrial Council; Joseph Henkle, business agent of the cigar makers' union, and Frank M. Reynolds, a cigar manufacturer.

In introducing the contestants Mr. Smith said: "The cigar industry is in Kansas City to stay, but we need your patronage. The factory of every wholesale dealer in the city is open to your inspection and we invite you all to visit them."

It is the purpose of the manager of the Century to introduce different trades to the public from his stage. The next will probably be a horseshoe making contest.