HADLEY WILL NOT BE A CANDIDATE. ~ Attorney General's Health Won't Stand Campaign.

April 9, 1908

Attorney General's Health
Won't Stand Campaign.

JEFFERSON CITY, April 8. --(Special.) Herbert S. Hadley will not be a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. This announcement was made by the attorney general today, just before he left the capital for Kansas City with his family. He does not think he should, in his weakened condition, assume the risk to his health involved in a state political campaign.

Mr. Hadley's declination to become a candidate has stimulated speculation as to who will take his place at the head of the ticket. Among the names mentioned are those of Liutenant Governor John C. McKinley, James T. Neville of Springfield, Secretary of State Swanger, former State Senator John M. Williams of California, Congressman Richard Bartholdt, Judge R. S. Ryers of Osage County, John Kennish, General Hadley's assistant; John H. Bothwell of Sedalia and Charles Nagle of St. Louis.


The statement given out by Mr. Hadley follows:

"I have been urged by a large number of party leaders to withhold for the present a definite decision with refernce to becoming a candidate for governor, with the plea that in the course of two or three weeks, I might view the matter differently than I do now.

"While personally I have no objection to complying with these requests, I feel that in view of the many published statements with reference to the condition of my health, and my intentions as to becoming a candidate for governor, that the party should at once be definitely advised as to the facts, in order that it may take such action as it may deem advisable.

"I have been advised by my physicians that the labors necessarily incident to a campaign for governor would, in their opinion, seriously impair my health. And as it is necessary under our primary election law for candidates to file a declaration of thier candidacy by June 5, I feel that the party should at once begin the consideratioin o fthe many qualified candidates to be found in the ranks."

"I have also been urged by many to be a candidate with the understanding that I would not be expected to make an extensive or laborious campaign. I cannot bring myself to believe that such a course would be satisfactory either to the party or to myself. I sincerely appreceiate the confidence and approval that are expressed in these requests, and it is only because I feel constrained by my duty to our family that I have been unable to accept the position of honor and responsibility that has been so generously offered to me."