HAS NO TIME FOR BUSINESS. ~ Mayor Crittenden Is Kept Busy by Place Hunters.

April 26, 1908

Mayor Crittenden Is Kept Busy by
Place Hunters.
"Another week of listening and no apparent reduction in the waiting list," wearily observed Mayor Crittenden as he closed his offices in the city hall last evening. In the lobby and the corridor reaching his private offices were lines of anxious men, and as the mayor departed he told them all to come back and see him Monday. "I'll bet I'll get some relief after Monday night. I will then send a batch of nominations to the upper house, and if they are confirmed I'll have more time to give to other city business," said the mayor. "Getting tired listening?" it was suggested. "No, not tired, but I'm anxious to get down to work on many of the important issues that confront Kansas City, and it is my ambition to put them under way without any unnecessary delay," answered the mayor. This week will develop a whole lot of changes in the city hall. Already new faces can be seen in most every department, but the real transformation will begin after the mayor sends to the upper house Monday night a batch of nominations and the board of public works swings the ax, beginning probably on Tuesday. William Winsted filed a surety bond in the sum of $1,000 yesterday, and took the oath of office as sealer of weights and measures; Ed Winstanley qualified in the sum of $10,000 as city purchasing agent, and Meyer Wechsler deposited a surety company bond for $1,000 and entered upon his duties of market master.