ZIMMERMAN HAS A FAD. ~ Traveling Man Who Has a Big Collection of Pullman Car Receipts.

April 13, 1907

Traveling Man Who Has a Big Col-
lection of Pullman Car Receipts.

"There are few traveling men who do not have some fad or another, said C. D. Zimmerman, a salesman traveling out of New York, and a cousin of Florence Zimmerman, who married the Duke of Manchester.

"I have mine," continued Mr. Zimmerman, "and I believe it is the only one of its kind in existence. It is nothing more nor less than a collection of sleeping car receipts." He explained that he had been traveling constantly for sixteen years and had several copy books full of the receipts. They number into the hundreds and represent a wonderful mileage. He says he has been offered some tempting sums by the Pullman company for the collection, which is desired by the corporation for advertising purposes, but so far Zimmerman has refused all offers.

This traveler also bears the distinction of having made five complete trips around the world following his line in every instance.

"When you talk of it being hard to get about in the world and see the country," said Mr. Zimmerman, "I would say that it is the easiest thing in the world. I believe I could start out from Kansas City selling toothpicks and make my way -- and still keep on collecting Pullman receipts."