FROM LONDON IN ONE WEEK. ~ Letters Posted There on May 16 Received Here Last Night.

May 24, 1908

Letters Posted There on May 16 Re-
ceived Here Last Night.

All previous mail records between the British Isles, the Continent and Kansas City have been broken. Letters bearing the London postmark of Saturday, May 16, were received in the postoffice here last night at 10:30 o'clock. In the same consignment were letters bearing the stamp of Lucerne, Switzerland, of May 14; of Glasgow, Scotland, May 15, and other points in England, Ireland and Scotland of May 16, last Saturday, or just one week from the time they were posted.

This quick time is due to the swift run of the great steamer Lusitania, which made the port of New York Friday morning after a run of four days and twenty hours from the last point of land in the British Isles. The letters received here last night came over on her. There was no doubt at all about that, because many of them were stamped: "Via S. S. Lusitania." One week from London to Kansas City, and Foreman B. F. Kingery, in the distributing department of the postoffice, said last night the letters would have reached here a few hours earlier if they had not been "worked over," that is, sorted out and remailed, in New York.