BRIDE WAS ELOPING WITH THE BEST MAN. ~ Italian Romance Is Shattered by Husband and Four Lusty Detectives.

June 6, 1908

Italian Romance Is Shattered by Hus-
band and Four Lusty

A romance of Little Italy was spoiled last night by the inerference of the police, and Nick Salardino and Joe Bolarchine and their co-wife, Carrie, retired with heavy hearts. The eloping couple was caught at Union depot by detectives.

Two days ago Nick Salardino married Miss Carrie Bisbee, who lived at Fifth and Cherry streets. Their marriage was solemnized with the usual Italian ceremony and the best man was Joe Bolarchino. Then the honeymoon began.

It lasted -- well, until Joe, the best man, happened to gain private conversation with the bride Then the elopement was planned and two tickets were purchased for Van Buren, Ark.

At the Union depot last night just before 10 o'clock, Nick, the bridegroom, who was wise to the fact that his wife was eloping with the best man, appeared and demanded their arrest. Detectives Sanderson, Julian, Lyngar and Harvey were on hand and the whole big four swooped down upon the eloping couple. They found Joe and Carrie in a Missouri Pacific train and placed them under arrest. Detective Sanderson asked the bride for her ticket and she produced a Missouri Pacific ticket for Van Buren, and told the officers taht she was going away with Joe because, she said, he was the only man she ever loved and she didn't care much for her husband, Nick.

Joe and Carrie, the eloping couple, were locked up at the West Bottoms police station. A charge will be filed agasint them today. The bride, the only one implicated who can talk English, declined last night to discuss he affair other tahn to say she loves the man she tried to elope with to Arkansas.