BROTHER'S BLONDE GIRL BROUGHT JOHN TROUBLE. ~ Had Never Seen Her, So He Addressed All Taffy Tops He Met.

June 1, 1908

Had Never Seen Her, So He Ad-
dressed All Taffy Tops
He Met.

John Wagner of 614 1/2 East Twelfth street had to explain to a police officer last night at the union depot when apparently "braced" a young woman. The bracing act was wel known to a gray-haired matron from the country, and she promptly notified the depot master and city detectives Sanderson and Julian were put on the young man's trail immediately.

Wagner himself admitted, after the detectives caught him, that it probably did look strange but, as he had an identification all ready he was released. The young lady was his brother's sweetheart and was released with apologies.

When the girl strted West Wagner's brother wrote him to meet her in Kansas City and help her spsend the four hours' layover sightseeing. Wagne knew her name and knew she was a blonde, and the girl did not know he sweetheart's brother was to meet her That's what got them pinched.

When the young man reached the union deopt, he learned the train from Davenport, Ia., had been in several minutes andhe set about to locate his brother's "girl." Yes, of course, knowing she was a blonde he stepped up to the first likely looking blonde he found and began talking to her. As far as the conversation concerned the young woman she thought it was Dutch. Her gray haired mamma informed the young man he had made a mistake, and he "blew" on down the aisle in another waiting room until he struck another blonde.

The second blonde happened to be the right girl, and she responded when he called her name, but back up the aisle a gray-haired mother from the country was watching and she immediately set up a cry for the police.

"Why, he worked the same game on her he tried on my daughter," seh explained to the detectives as blonde No 2 disappeared into Union avenue, with Wagner obligingly carrying her grip. "He ain't taking her up town for any good purpose."

It was easy fro Wagner to square himself with the detectives, for his identification was perfect, down to the brothers letter, asking him to look out for the girl, but it was a night's job for Detectives Sandersona dn Julian to convince the other woman that all was well. She left at midnight with a poor opinion of Governor Folk's reorganied out-of-politics police depatrment.