FLOOD VIEWS DAMAGE TRADE. ~ Justin A. Runyan Appeals to Post Card and Film Dealers.

June 16, 1908

Justin A. Runyan Appeals to Post
Card and Film Dealers.

Souvenir post cards and moving pictures showing the damage wrought by the flood are likely to do Kansas City a great deal of harm, in the opinion of Justin A. Runyan, secretary to the Manufacturers and Merchants' Association. Speaking about people sending out post cards having some scene representing the flooded district, Mr. Runyan said the harm could not be estimated.

"Many of these cards," Mr. Runyan said, "reached the hands of business men of other cities, and those men are likely to form wrong impressions of the city. Many people will believe the high water did more damage than is really the case.

"Merchants or manufacturers preparing to secure new locations might see one of these post cards and get the impression from the view shown that Kansas City is submerged each year. The cards," according to Mr. Runyan, "at the best, only give a faint idea of the flood and in most cases leave a false impression. Not only will the post cards be harmful, but moving picture scenes that are being made for purpose of sending out broadcast to be shown in different cities will cause great loss of trade and damage to the city generally."

One dealer located at Twelfth street and Grand avenue, who is having films for moving pictures made will be induced by Mr. Runyan, if possible, to give up the plan. Whether the dealers in moving picture films and the sellers of post cards can be made to see the harm their goods may accomplish is the question that is troubling the secretary of the association.