June 3, 1908

Relatives Hold Body of Man Killed
in an Explosion.

The bursting of a plug in an ammonia carboy in the refrigerator of the Fowler packing plant in the West bottoms at 10 o'clock yesterday forenoon, caused the death of J. E. Baldwin, 33 years old, foreman in the employ of the company. Part of the plug struck Baldwin on the forehead, crushing in the skull. He was taken at once to his home, 862 Orville avenue, Kansas City, Kas., in the police ambulance, but died a few minutes after having arrived there.

Relatives of the deceased yesterday refused to let the body be moved to the undertaker until it could be examined by Coroner A. J. Davis. They said he had met with a similar accident once before and that he had laid in a death-like stupor for hours and was believed to be dead, but finally came to his senses.

Baldwin was single and lived with his parents The cause of the accident is unknown, but it is the ought atmospheric conditions may have had something to do with it.