MISSOURI RISING UPSTREAM. ~ Continued Rains Delay Expected Fall in Flood Waters.

June 17, 1908

Continued Rains Delay Expected Fall
in Flood Waters.

OMAHA, June 16. -- There was no fall in the Missouri river for the past twenty-four hours, but the fact that it remained almost stationary encouraged the weather bureau to believe that no higher stage would be reached It stood at 18.3 this morning, the same as Monday morning. It is again raining in the Missouri valley.

ST. JOSEPH, MO., June 16 (Special.) -- The Missouri river at this point at 10 o'clock tonight is receding at the rate of one inch an hour and promises to keep it up tomorrow. The Platte and 102 rivers have shown a more rapid decline and will soon e beyond the danger point. A slight rain is falling tonight, but it is not expected to affect the river conditions. All trains out of this city, north and eastbound, can make schedule time.

LEAVENWORTH, KAS., June 16 (Special.) -- The Missouri river continues to rise at this point. Great logs are coming down and quantities of fine drift indicating rains above. The river rose about an inch today and is now nearly six miles from bank to bank here. Great slate piles at the coal mines are exploding and resemble volcanoes, owing to the sulphur which burns.

ATCHISON, KAS., June 16 (Special.) -- The continued rising of the Missouri river at this point is just beginning to be serious. The water has reached the stage where it is spreading over the fine Missouri bottom land. The river has risen three inches here in the past 24 hours and is still rising slowly.

JEFFERSON CITY, June 16 (Special.) -- It is believed that the worst of the flood will be over in this stretch of the Missouri by this time tomorrow. While the river was stationary for a time last night it began rising again and fully six inches has been added. The rate it came up today was about half an inch per hour. This morning a big body of back water come over the bank of Turkey creek, west of North Jefferson, and inundated many hundred acres of the bottom that escaped.