NEW CAFE VALERIUS OPENS. ~ The First Meal Served Yesterday. ~ The First Mean Served Yesterday. Rich in Furnishings.

May 31, 1908

The First Meal Served Yesterday.
Rich in Furnishings.

The new Cafe Valerius opened yesterday and was visited by hundreds of patrons. It is the swellest place in the city by all odds. The new cafe is in the basement of the Victor building. The mahogany used in the furnishings is of the finest. There will be a seating capacity of 125, with individual tables for parties. The mahogany is in its natural color, except the chairs, which are of darker finish. The glassware has been imported and is of the colonial style, while the ceiling decorations are simple but rich in design.

The comfort of patrons has been carefully guarded in every detail. The room will be ventilated by the latest devices. Fresh air is brought in from the roof and, passing under the floor, makes it exit at the roof again on the opposite side of the building.

The bar fixtures are as elaborate as the balance of the furnishings. All the wines and liquors are kept in refrigerators, the refrigerator being supplied by a local corporation and is carried into the building in pipes. All the metal parts of the bar are made of German silver.

The kitchen is supplied with every idea that possibly can add to the preparation of foodstuffs, with big ventilators reaching to the roof, through which the odors and smoke of the room are carried off.

The new cafe is splendidly lighted and represents the ideas which Mr. Valerius says he has been working out.