DOCTOR OUT OF FUNDS APPLIES TO HELPING HAND. ~ Works for Food and Lodging for Himself and Dog Until Money From Home Comes.

July 7, 1908

Works for Food and Lodging for Him-
self and Dog Until Money
From Home Comes.

When he walked into the Helping Hand institute Saturday afternoon he was leading a bull dog. He was dressed in the latest fashion and his shoes were of patent leather. The clerk thought the visitor was there merely as a spectator and was somewhat astonished when he walked up to the desk, paid his 10 cents for a bed and asked: "Is there any place here that I may keep my dog?"

There was a place in the cellar and the dog was fed and put to bed at regulation time, 9 p. m. Sunday the well dressed man announced that he was "broke" and said he would have to work for what he got thereafter There was no work allowed there on Sunday, of course, but yesterday morning the man was up bright and early ready for manual labor. He was given a job washing windows on the second floor and he did his work well, they say. Twice he left his ladder suddenly and went down stairs. On his third trip interest caused E. T. Brigham, superintendent, to follow him. The man was at the telephone and Mr Brigham heard this:

"Hello, Baltimore hotel, well, has that telegram for Dr. Blank come yet?" Seven times the well dressed man visited the telephone and just at 3:15 p. m. he was rewarded. His telegram was there, he was informed. With a broad smile the man called up the New England National bank. When he finished talking he turned and said:

"Well, I guess I'll go back to the Baltimore now. I am on my way from Billings, Mont., to Galveston, Tex., and got broke here. Knowing no one here I could not ask for credit. I was glad to find a place where I could get my board and room. I'll be glad to pay you now for your trouble."

"You worked, and worked well, for what you got," he was told.

Leading the bull dog the man left the institution yesterday afternoon. The bank informed him that it was too late for him to get his money, but that he could have it this morning. The telegram gave him entree into the Baltimore again, however, and he remained there last night This morning the man, who is a Billings, Mon., dentist, will leave for Galveston.