ANNA MAY WILLIAMS AT REST. ~ "Suicide the Result of a Disordered Brain," Says Rev. Moore.

August 14, 1908

"Suicide the Result of a Disordered
Brain," Says Rev. Moore.

Standing above the body of pretty Anna May Williams, the Rev. Charles W. Moore, pastor of the Institutional church, yesterday said:

"No one is perfect, and all of us have sinned. Then let us not be judges, upon the sins of others. It is well that this sweet little should passes before God for final judgment. God does not hate the sinner, but loathes the sin. It is only those who have sinned that need the Savior and this little soul soul was one of that class. Who can say that his feet have not occasionally strayed from the narrow path? If there be any, let him judge, but beware of the Pharisee.

"I do not hesitate to say that suicides are the result of a disordered brain. No person is in his right mind when he deliberately takes his own life, cutting off the beauties of life on this earth and causing great grief to those who are left behind. But knowing that God is just and His forgiveness is great we commit this soul to His keeping."

The chapel at Forster-Smith's undertaking rooms, where the funeral was held, was crowded with friends of the dead girl and with men and women who had hoped to get a glimpse of the body prompted by curiosity.

As the broken hearted mother was led down to the waiting carriage by her husband, her grief became uncontrollable and she sobbed aloud. Persons a block away were attracted by the cries of the mother and a large crowd of excitement seekers gathered in front of the undertaker's establishment.