MUST NAME BABIES ON TIME. ~ Upper House Passes Ordinance Regulating Reports of Births.

August 1, 1908

Upper House Passes Ordinance Regu-
lating Reports of Births.

Hereafter, babies born in Kansas City will have to be named on time. Thirty days' grace will be given parents in which to find names for their offspring, and report the result of the caucus to the board of health. This provision is contained in an ordinance passed by the upper house last night, for the purpose of perfecting the records of the city. Up to now it has been necessary to record only the names of the parents of the children born here, with other data not containing the names of the new citizens. The consequence of this inadequate record has been that in after years, when it has been necessary for persons to obtain birth certificates to prove their citizenship, property rights or other facts, such proof has not been obtainable.

"The new ordinance," Alderman Isaac Taylor explained, "requires attending physicians to make out thier reports as of old, but also adds the requirement of parents giving him a name for the baby. If the name is not on the handle of the basket in which the stork carries the baby, then the father and mother have a month in which to get one. After that, if they do not report it, they will be fined."