NEWSBOYS MOURN FOR LEE.~ They Gather About the Bier of a Victim of a Street Car Accident.

August 13, 1908

They Gather About the Bier of a
Victim of a Street Car Accident.

Accompanied by many newsboys with whom he associated in life, the body of William A. Lee, Jr., the newsboy who was killed by being crushed between a streetcar and a beer van at Eleventh and Main streets, last Monday, was taken to the Institutional church, Admiral boulevard and Holmes street, where funeral services were conducted at 2 o'clock p. m. yesterday afternoon.

Charles W. Moore, founder of the Institutional church, delivered the eulogy, and before he had concluded the audience was visibly affected. Mr. Moore dwelt at considerable length of the excellent qualities of the dead newsboy.

Young Lee had been a member of the Light Bearers' Club for some time, and had been considered one of its most ardent workers. Newsboys of the city contributed toward defraying the funeral expenses. William A. Lee, the father, who had been released from jail by order of the court sufficiently long to attend the funeral, accompanied the grief stricken mother to the church and cemetery. Owing to the circumstances it is now thought that Lee will be permanently released with the understanding that he secure employment at once and care for his wife.