RARE INSECT STINGS WOMAN. ~ But She Capured the Saddle-Back Caterpillar, a Stranger Here.

August 24, 1908

But She Captured the Saddle-Back
Caterpillar, a Stranger Here.

As Mrs. L. M. Dunlap, 509 Askew avenue, brushed against an amphilopsio vine in the garden of her home Saturday she suddenly noticed a stinging sensation on her right arm. So severe was the pain that Mrs. Dunlap looked for the insect which had attacked her, but instead she discovered a small but very aggressive and exceedingly rare specimen of the caterpillar family on one of the leaves of the vine.

Breaking off the leaf, the caterpillar was put in a glass jar, where it was examined with curiosity by many persons while Mrs. Dunlap nursed a badly swollen and discolored arm.

This particular specimen of caterpillar family, called the saddleback caterpillar, measures about half an inch in length. His body is green, while in the center of his back is a round spot made up of two colors, maroon and white. At either end there project a series of fuzzy horns against which Mrs. Dunlap is thought to have brushed as she passed the vine.

On one other occasion a caterpillar of this kind is said to have been seen in Kansas City, but this is the first discovered for many years.