REWARD FOR AN AMIABLE BOY. ~ Leo Milgrim Will Receive an Education in a Kentucky School.

August 5, 1908

Leo Milgrim Will Receive an Educa-
tion in a Kentucky School.

Here's where the good boy in real life gets his reward. The boy is Leo Milgrim, who has been a boarder at the Boys' hotel since the day it opened. He is 15 years old, one of a family of six children, whose parents were unable to care for him properly. He has been working every day since he became a boarder at the hotel, and is self-supporting. His conduct has been above reproach. Here's where he "gets his'n' ":

"My Dear Leo,

"Miss Allen has written me that you are looking forward to going to the school of which we spoke, when I talked with you, and so I write to tell you that it will be open September 1. I will send you a catalogue and will write to Professor Lewis, the principal of the school, to expect you.

"You can take the train from Kansas City to Cincinnati, via St. Louis, and at Cincinnati you can take the Louisville & Nashville train to London, Ky., the town wherein the school is located. I shall hope and expect you to make the very best of your opportunity as I myself will pay your scholarship, and will ask God to make of you a strong, true man, who will be a help to other boys after you have left school.

"Hoping to see you soon after your coming to London, and to find you a happy, busy student. I am sincerely your friend, MISS BELLE H. BENNETT."

Miss Bennett is president of the Woman's Home Missionary Society, Richmond, Ky. The letter was addressed to Leo and received by him yesterday. He will leave in time to reach London, Ky., before school opens.