ROTH IS SUSPENDED. ~ Park Policeman Accused of Arresting Two Young Girls Without Cause.

August 12, 1908
Park Policeman Accused of Arrest-
ing Two Young Girls
Without Cause.

"He's suspended now, is he not?" asked F. S. Doggett, a member of the park board at yesterday's meeting.

"He is," replied Franklin Hudson, president.

"Then make the suspension indefinite," recommended Mr. Doggett, and the recommendation was ratified.

This is what happened to Herman Roth, a park policeman, who arrested Wanda McComb, 14 years old, and Freda Westerman, 15 years old, at a band concert in Penn Valley park last Monday night and later turned them over to the matron of the Detention home without informing their parents. It was asserted by Mrs. Westerman, mother of one of the girls, that she had investigated and was satisfied that Roth was under the influence of liquor when he made the arrests. She was supported by T. P. Strum and H. M. Ward, motorman and conductor, respectively on a Roanoke car, which Roth boarded with the prisoners. The street car men say Roth rode aimlessly about looking for a police station.

Freda Westerman exhibited several bruises and finger nail cuts on her hands and arms, which she said had been inflicted by Roth. He used profane language when they remonstrated against being dragged through streets and being compelled to take long and unnecessary rides in street cars.

Roth was not present to defend himself. A report was read from Sergeant Becker, the import of which was that he did not believe that Roth was drunk when he made the arrests. The records of the board show that Roth had heretofore been dismissed from the service for drinking while on duty.