RISKED LIFE FOR PLAYMATES. ~ Herbert Holden, 12 Years Old, Is Injured by Falling Stair.

October 9, 1908

Herbert Holden, 12 Years Old, Is In-
jured by Falling Stair.

Herbert Holden, 12 years old, is being boomed for a Carnegie medal by his many friends and acquaintances living near his father's residence, 230 South Seventh street, Argentine. If it were not for his nimble wits and prompt action yesterday morning a falling fire escape at the Emerson school house would have crushed two children playing marbles underneath.

According to bystanders the fire escape was hooked up out of the way of the children who might want to climb it, and sustained in place by means of a weight. In some manner the weight became loosened and the 250-pound stairway tumbled to the ground. Then it was that little Herbert sprang in the way, catching the escape squarely on his shoulder and diverting it from the children .

He, however, was knocked unconscious from a blow on the head and was taken home. Dr. H. A. Ware was called and found what looked like a fracture on the right temple. The boy's injuries were dressed and he will recover. His father, Herbert H. Holden, a railroad conductor, was notified at once.