November 18, 1908


Refuse to Reduce Size of Headgear
and Board of Education Won't
Enlarge the Lockers -- Wait
for Style to Change.

"I wish someone would start a style for small hats for the high school girls!" exclaimed Professor E. D. Phillips yesterday. "These big hats are ridiculous. The girls can't get them in their lockers and there they are in the dust. They cannot reach the top of the lockers without stools and someone is always disturbing the drawing or bookkeeping rooms borrowing stools.

"A big hat is a most selfish thing, anyway. It obscures the view at the theater and at the place of amusement and it takes up more than its share of room in the street cars. I don't see why our girls cannot wear sensible hats."

The girls at the Manual Training high school, and the other high schools, too, for that matter, have long bemoaned the fact that the board of education provided them with little 12x12-inch boxes in which to keep their hats.

When the Merry Widows came out last spring it made a distinct impression upon the high school girl. It was "just too cute for words," and she immediately adopted it as particularly becoming to her style of beauty.

The big hats this year have again caught her fancy and the top of the lockers surpass any millinery display in the city. As the size of the hats has grown, so has grown the indignation of the teachers and pupils, but the growth has been in the opposite direction.

"Gee, Pop! The board of education didn't know the first thing about girls' clothes when they ordered these lockers for us," exclaimed a little Manual Training high school girl yesterday, as she stood before one of the new steel arrangements for storing hats and coats.

""Well, I should say not!" agreed her next door neighbor. "What kind of a hat do you suppose they intended to put in that 12x12 arrangement? Why any lady could have told those men that that space wouldn't hold even the crown of a hat this year."

"These lockers are good for just one thing. They make perfectly elegant toilet tables," chimed in a third girl as she stood before the piece of broken mirror placed conveniently at the back of the locker shelf and powdered her nose from a generous box of white stuff.

A little further down the line of lockers, girls were poised on top of high stools anxiously looking over the display of millinery which covered the top of the lockers, while others were waiting patiently for them to descend. The locker tops are too high for most of the girls, and it takes some little time to get down the hats.

"If the girls wouldn't wear those silly big hats!" say the teachers----

"If the board of education would only give us more room!" sighs the girls. "The teachers can say all they please about us, but we're not going to look like frumps. And we're not going to cut down our hats."