NO PRESIDENT SELECTED YET. ~ Head of Commerce Will Be a "Good Man," Says Dr. Woods.

November 21, 1908

Head of Commerce Will Be a "Good
Man," Says Dr. Woods.

Dr. W. S. Woods appeared yesterday in the managing director's room in the National Bank of Commerce, after an absence form it of nearly a year. J. J. Heim and William T. Kemper occupied the chairs of the vice presidents of the bank, the three old Commerce men succeeding W. B. Ridgely, George T. Cutts and Edward Ridgely. In the place of Cashier Edward Ridgely sat James T. Bradley, a United States bank examiner.

During the day Dr. Woods, Mr. Kemper and Mr. Heim had a conference with J. W. Perry of St. Louis National Bank of Commerce regarding the presidency of the Kansas City National Bank of Commerce, but just as he was leaving for his home in Excelsior Springs yesterday afternoon Dr. Woods said that neither Mr. Perry nor anyone else had been selected for president.

"On that point I can only say that I will not have the place. I want to spend more time in California than the duties of office would let me, and for that, if for no other reason, I cannot take the presidency."

"Who will likely get the place?" was asked.

"A good man," was the characteristic reply.

It is predicted that today will see important and most advantageous transactions in the bank, and that as chairman of the board of directors Dr. Woods will make an official announcement in detail. The presidency will go to one of two men, Mr. Perry being one of them. Mr. Bradley has forwarded to Washington his tender of resignation as bank examiner.