MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR POOR. ~ Mayor Crittenden Favors a Municipally Conducted Affair.

December 13, 1908

Mayor Crittenden Favors a Munici-
pally Conducted Affair.

While Mayor Thomas T. Crittenden, Jr., was county clerk he made it a point to see that the inmates of the county home and the poor of the county had a joyous Christmas through his own personal efforts and assistance from liberal citizens. He now proposes a municipal Christmas tree at Convention hall, or some similar large place, where the poor of the city can assemble and receive gifts and supplies of produce. His plan is to consolidate into one all of the charitable organizations, public and private clubs and other civic and social institutions that every Christmas contribute to the enjoyment of the poor and needy.

"Centralize the Christmas offerings into a municipality affair and see that not a poor or deserving person goes without a Christmas remembrance," is the way the mayor puts it.

The plan was heartily indorsed yesterday by the tenement commission, and Mrs. Lee Lyon and Mrs. Kate Pierson were appointed to represent the commission at a meeting of all organizations that wish to participate at the city hall some day this week.