PART OF CLARK'S EYE REMOVED. ~ Ball in Shoulder Has Not Been Located -- He Will Recover.

December 11, 1908

Ball in Shoulder Has Not Been Lo-
cated -- He Will Recover.

Drs. W. Eugene King and W. S. Shelton yesterday performed an operation upon Sergeant Patrick Clark at St. Joseph hospital, removing a portion of his right eyeball. The eye is useless as far as sight is concerned, but the leaving of nearly the whole ball in the socket will enable the sergeant to use a shell artificial eye. Such artificial eyes, where they match the good one, cannot be detected. Great care is being taken of the remaining eye to prevent any affection from the injured one.

The bullet which penetrated the sergeant's shoulder has not been removed, and will not be until an X-ray photograph shows the exact location. His condition since the operation is reported as good, and his ultimate recovery is now looked for. Had the ball which struck him been from one of the larger guns his injury probably would have been fatal. At first it was believed that he was shot through the lung, but later examination showed the ball had struck the shoulder blade and glanced upward. It is now embedded somewhere in his right shoulder.