SPECIAL INAUGURAL TRAIN. ~ Will Be Run to Accommodate Republicans on January 10.

December 2, 1908

Will Be Run to Accommodate Repub-
licans on January 10.

Plans are being made by the Jackson county Republicans, whereby a special train will carry all who wish to attend the inaugural services to Jefferson city on January 11. Already 150 persons have signified their intentions to make the trip.

The special train will be made up in Kansas City early on the evening of January 10 so that berths may be occupied at that time. The train will arrive in Jefferson City at 7 o'clock on the following morning.

At a meeting last night a committee was appointed to perfect the plans for the trip and all who wish to go are requested to confer with some one of the committee. Those who were appointed to the committee are: W. E. Grifflin, E. A. Norris, Leo E. Koehler, Harry E. Barker, Roy S. Davis and Harry E. Kirk.