STICK-UP MAN ROBS RESTAURANT AT 2 A. M. ~ Takes Money From Cashier of Chinese Eating House While Patrons Look On.

January 11, 1908

Takes Money From Cashier of Chi-
nese Eating House While
Patrons Look On.

A quiet little Chinese restaurant, patronized by those of Bohemian inclinations after the theater, the King Joy Lo, 1217 Grand avenue, was held up and robbed at 1:30 o'clock yesterday morning by one lone robber, who got $164 and exchanged pistol shots with F. G. Lee, the Chinese manager. The robber escaped.

A party of four persons was in the restaurant at the time of the robbery, besides the restaurant attaches. The dainty Chinese midnight luncheon had been served the guests by one of the waiters, when the door was pushed open and a young man about 25 years old entered. He walked across the dining room to the cigar case and stood there.

The cashier inquired of the man what it was he desired. In answer the stranger pulled a pistol out of his pocket and, pointing it at the cashier, told him to hold up his hands. His order was obeyed and the robber then walked around behind the showcase and, opening the cash register, took out $164 in paper money. A large amount of silver was left undisturbed.

Shoving the currency into his pockets, the robber started to leave the restaurant after warning the guests and waiters to keep quiet. The guests had no knowledge of what had transpired. As the robber was leaving the showcase F. G. Lee, the manager, entered the restaurant from the private office. Taking in the situation, Lee ran to the showcase and took a revolver from a drawer.

The robber found some difficulty in getting the door open. Before running down the stairs the robber fired a shot into the room, which was returned by the manager. Lee followed down the stairs, but the fog was too heavy for him to see far. He fired two shots into the air to attract the attention of the police, and after waiting several minutes he again fired twice. Twenty minutes later Sergeant Henry L. Goode and Patrolman A. L. Meizinger arrived. They succeeded in finding the robber's hat, which had fallen on the floor in the restaurant.

The lone robber did not disturb the guests.