NEW GARBAGE WAGONS HERE. ~ Public Display Made of First Installment of Twelve.

February 20, 1909

Public Display Made of First Install-
ment of Twelve.

"H. & H. B."

Twelve newly painted red wagons, bearing the foregoing inscription and driven by men dressed in white canvas clothes, attracted more than ordinary attention as they paraded through the street yesterday afternoon. Many guesses were made as to the meaning of the "H. & H. B.," but those who guessed that it meant "Hospital and Health Board" had it right. It was a parade of the first installment of about forty new wagons which will collect the garbage of the city. J. I. Boyer, the contractor, had charge of the wagons and, therefore, was the marshal of the day, the man who wears a red sash and rides a skittish horse. Mr. Boyer rode a red wagon yesterday, however.

Each wagon is equipped with a tank made of boiler steel in which there are no rivets and no chance for leakage. As fast as a wagon is loaded it will be driven to a spur track on the Belt Line railway, where the tank will be transferred to a waiting car and an empty tank put on the wagon in its place. The garbage is then hauled eight miles into the country. Each tank is thoroughly scalded before it is returned to the city, scalded before it is returned to the city.

"Garbage will be collected in the downtown district before 8 o'clock each morning, winter and summer," said Mr. Boyer yesterday. "In the residence districts there will be three collections a week in summer and two in winter." At present Mr. Boyer has been compelled to use some of the old-style wagons, but he is placing the new ones in commission as fast as possible. They are new in every respect. The steel tanks are built so that there can be no dropping of garbage along the way, and there are trap doors to keep the odor from escaping.