After Seven Years' Chase ~ St. Louis Police Hear Wanted Man Is Caught in Kansas City.

March 29, 1909
After Seven Years' Chase.

St. Louis Police Hear Wanted
Man Is Caught in Kansas City.

ST. LOUIS, March 28. -- Roy Horton, who, with his brother, John L. Horton, has been sought by Pinkerton detectives for seven years to answer to a charge of uttering worthless securities and perpetrating a confidence game upon the Stock Yards bank of East St. Louis, Ill., was arrested in Kansas City Saturday, according to a dispatch John L. Horton claims to have received in Upper Alton, Ill., where the latter was arrested at his wife's home, March 11.

Pinkertons said this was the Hortons' first appearance in the United States since they disappeared following the discovery of the worthlessness of cattle bills on which they had secured loans from the St. Louis Cattle Loan Company. They were reported living in Guatemala. John Horton has since claimed to have been in this country a year prior to his arrest.

No one giving the name of Horton was arrested by the police yesterrday. But one man taken in answered the description of Horton, and he gave a different name, and insisted upon it.