CIVIL WAR VETERAN DEAD. ~ Captain Williams Had Been an Invalid for Two Years.

March 25, 1909

Captain Williams Had Been an In-
valid for Two Years.

Captain W. J. Williams, a veteran of the civil war, for forty years a resident of Kansas City, Kas., died yesterday at St. Margaret's hospital from the effects of an operation. He was 73 years old and had been practically an invalid for the past two years.

Captain Williams was born in North Carolina and at the age of 19 years ran away from home and joined the regular army at Leavenworth for the sole purpose of going with the troops to attack Brigham Young at Salt Lake City. His company was among the forces dispatched to the Mormon capital, but before much of the journey had been accomplished war was declared between the North and South and the westbound troops were recalled to Fort Leavenworth and sent South. Captain Williams was engaged in the battle of Wilson creek.

Of a family of five children, Captain Williams is survived by one son, Frank Williams, a former member of the Kansas City, Kas., police force. His wife died eight months ago. He lived at 193 South Pyle street. Funeral arrangements have not been made.