GIFT FOR NETTLETON HOME. ~ Mrs. Budd's Estate, Valued at $40,000, to Institution

March 29, 1909

Mrs. Budd's Estate, Valued at $40,-
000, to Institution.

Another $40,000 was added to the endowment fund of the George H . Nettleton Home for Aged Women when the will of Mrs. Sarah A. C. Budd was filed yesterday for probate. That is the value placed on the estate, which consists, except for the home at 3632 Wyandotte street, entirely of personal property. The Nettleton home is the sole beneficiary.

Mrs. Budd, who died at the age of 82, was the wife of Azariah Budd, who, dying in 1891, left what is now known as Budd park to Kansas city. He named as one of the conditions of the gift that the city should pay Mrs. Budd $3,000 a year so long as she lived. The twenty-one acres, for which the city paid in annuities about $54,000, is now estimated to be worth five times that sum. Now, on the death of Mrs. Budd, the city ceases to pay this money and the park becomes its absolute property.

C. O. Tichenor, the attorney who drew the will, is named as executor in the document. He declined to serve, and Porter B. Godard was named in his stead by Judge J. E. Guinotte of the probate court.