NEW PAROLE PLAN ADOPTED. ~ Prisoners Violating Their Agreement Must Serve Triple Time.

March 21, 1909

Prisoners Violating Their Agree-
ment Must Serve Triple Time.

A new order of things was put in practice by the board of pardons and paroles at its meeting yesterday. Persons paroled do not get off so easily and the board has an opportunity of keeping track of parolees longer than before. The new scheme was learned by the board on its recent visit to Cleveland, O., where it made a thorough investigation of the house of corrections and the parole system there.

When a prisoner is paroled now he agrees that should he violate any of the conditions of his parole he is to go back to the work house and serve out three times the amount of his unexpired term. He also agrees to report to the secretary of the board, if on parole, for that length of time instead of just for the unexpired term of his sentence, as has been the case. Under the new system if a man with 100 days to serve violates his parole he will be taken in custody and returned to the work house, where he will have to serve 300 days.

A matter came to light yesterday which heretofore had been kept under cover. That was the fact that William Volker, president of the board, out of his own pocket, pays the fare of every paroled prisoner who is sent out of the city to his family or friends, often fitting him out with new clothing before doing so. Several such cases arise at each meeting. Mr. Volker has also fitted numbers of men out here in the city so as to enable them to "make a good front" when they went to work. This class of work has always been done by the Provident Association, but Mr. Volker so far has taken the burden upon himself.