ROB PINKERTON CHIEF'S HOME. ~ Burglars Steal Jewelry From Residence of W. B. Laughlin.

March 1, 1909

Burglars Steal Jewelry From Resi-
dence of W. B. Laughlin.

Thieves apparently believe members of the Pinkerton detective agency "easy pickings," as two have suffered at the hands of burglars within the last three days. Pinkerton Patrolman H. A. Stafford lost his revolver by having a burglar take it away from him. Yesterday a sneak thief entered the home of W. B. Laughlin, 1213 Troost avenue, superintendent of the agency, and stole a lot of jewelry. Articles missing reported to the police were two solitaire diamond rings, one string of gold beads, one gold locket and one gold watch.

Burglars entered the residence of Mrs. Alice Woodard, 1522 Lydia avenue, Saturday night and stole one gold watch, chain, locket, $11 in old coins and a quantity of wearing apparel. Entrance was gained by breaking the lock on a rear door.

Clothes were stolen by a sneak thief from the home of Mrs. G. W. Taylor, 2325 Mersington avenue, late Saturday night.