VOTE OF THANKS TO BROWN. ~ For Once He Had No Gas Resolution and No Speeches.

March 30, 1909

For Once He Had No Gas Res-
olution and No Speeches.

"I am reliably informed by Alderman Darius A. Brown, our worthy member from the Fifth ward, that he does not intend to introduce a resolution here tonight regarding gas, the utilities commission or anything else and further that he will not even make a speech," said Alderman Frank Shinnick in the lower house of the council last night. "I think he is entitled to a vote of thanks by this house."

"He certainly is," said Speaker C. B. Hayes. "Will anybody put that in the form of a motion?"

Alderman Shinnick then put the motion, which was quickly seconded by Alderman E. E. Morris of the Tenth. When it was put to the house the motion carried, only two dissenting votes being recorded.

"I am not willing to thank him until the house has adjourned," said Alderman Miles Bulger. "He may have a gas resolution up his sleeve this very minute. I know him. Let's thank him later."

"Me, too, Pete," came from Alderman Robert J. Smith. "Let's thank him at the next meeting. This one is not over yet."

The motion went through, however, and Alderman Brown kept his word. He did not even make a speech when called upon after being tendered the vote of thanks. This is the first time since he has been in the council that he has not introduced a resolution or made a speech.