559 POUNDS OF GIRL IN ONE BIG WRAPPER. ~ With a Waist Line of 88 Inches, Pearl Rambo Is Still Taking on Flesh.

April 14, 1909

With a Waist Line of 88 Inches,
Pearl Rambo Is Still Taking
on Flesh.
Pearl Rambo, 559 Pound Girl.
15-Year-Old Girl Who Tips the Scales
at 559 Pounds and Still Growing.

Pearl Rambo, aged 15 years and weighing 559 pounds, was a guest of Mrs. Everingham, matron at Union depot, yesterday afternoon. Pearl arrived in Kansas City from her home in Council Bluffs about 3 o'clock, and for more than three hours was the center of an interested group of spectators and questioners, while she waited for the train which was to take her to Abilene, Kas.

"No, I was not always so large," she said, "but from what physicians tell me, I haven't much hope of ever being any smaller. Since I passed through this city a little more than three years ago, I have gained 109 pounds, and they say that if I continue to gain weight at that rate, when I am thirty I will tip the scales at nearly half a ton. But I don't believe anything like that.

"I have had but very few sick days in my lifetime, and I feel pretty good most of the time. I eat whatever looks good to me, but try to avoid foods that produce fat. Perhaps once a month I eat candy, and then never much. Breakfast foods are struck entirely off my menu, and seldom do I eat those things that are usually served with sugar and cream over them. Sweet things seem to agree with me, but I do not eat them.

"There is only one other person that I know of larger than I, and that is Anna Fredline. She is 35 years old and weighs 670 pounds. When I get to be her age, I fear I shall weigh much more than that."

Pearl walked from the train into the depot unassisted and also walked to the train when she left. It was difficult for her to pass through the gate, and still more difficult to get through the car door. She managed to pull herself up to the first step alone, but, finding it necessary to turn sideways in order to enter, the porter was obliged to assist her.

With a width of forty-five inches across the shoulders, and an eighty-eight inch waist measure, this girl cannot enter an ordinary carriage. She must have either a very wide and very low single buggy or a spring wagon. Her arms at the biceps measure twenty-four inches in circumference. She says she likes to travel and see things and people.